Áridos de Melo

Áridos de Melo S.L., was founded in 2004 amid a growing demand for construction products. It produces aggregates for concrete and bituminous mixtures, as well as aggregates for granular layer material (unbound) and artificial aggregates (manufactured).

In 2016, Áridos de Melo started a new chapter in its history, acquiring concrete batching plants, a hot bituminous mixture production plant and paving equipment.

  • AGGREGATES: At our gravel quarry, we produce aggregates, which mainly go into making concrete, bituminous mixtures and granular layer material.
  • CONCRETE: At our plant, we make all types of concrete including self-compacting concrete, we are fully compliant with the current Structural Concrete Regulations.
  • BITUMINOUS MIXTURES: At our fixed plant, we produce hot bituminous mixtures for asphalt concrete (AC), thin layer (BBTM and PA) and new SMA types.
  • PAVING EQUIPMENT: We have high performing paving machinery that is capable of laying up to 7.5m at a time, as well as "mini" machines to work on widths of between 1m and 3m.

In the year 2022 Áridos de Melo has obtained the Certification of its Quality Management System, in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 Standard, and of its Environmental Management System, in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 Standard, for the activities production and supply of concrete, production, supply and spreading of asphalt mixes, as well as for milling and replacement of pavements on roads, runways, streets and airports.