Bituminous mixtures

Áridos de Melo has an INTRAME RM-350 batch plant, which can produce up to 400 tons of hot bituminous mixture per hour.

The production plant has five bitumen tanks:

  • Two for storing conventional penetration bitumen
  • One for storing polymer modified bitumen
  • One for storing bitumen improved and modified with rubber from end-of-life tyres (NFU).
  • One for storing colourless synthetic bitumen

It has a finished product silo that can store 100 tons of hot bituminous mixture for 24 hours.It is divided into two 50-ton compartments.

It also has a pigment and cellulose fibre dosing machine, which is used for pigment mixtures with colourless synthetic bitumen and for SMA mixture types.

All the mixtures we produce come with the CE marking and we are continuously updating to produce more specific mixtures that our clients request.